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  • Takuya Ishizaki, Hosei Nagano
    2023 Volume 37 Issue 4 Pages 127-136
    Published: 2023
    Released on J-STAGE: June 16, 2024
    In order to evaluate the local relationship between thermal resistance and its factors at a realistic solid contact interface, we developed a method to measure the thermal contact resistance distribution by combining periodic heating method and lock-in thermography. For a two-layer sample with thermal resistance as low as the order of 10−6 m2⋅K/W, the thermal resistance distribution was evaluated by two different approaches: direct observation of the temperature wave change from the transverse direction and obtaining phase lag distribution from the vertical direction. As a result, a line profile along the interface was obtained at a super high resolution of 2.5 μm, and it was clarified that there was a difference of about 30% within a range of 2.5 mm. Furthermore, the two-dimensional distribution was obtained at a high resolution of about 70 μm, and the difference in thermal resistance due to the interface geometry was visualized quantitatively.
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