Journal of Advanced Science
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  • Hirotaka SUZUKI, Takehisa HIRAYAMA, Muhamed Fitri Bin Hanafi, Hideki O ...
    原稿種別: Letter
    2020 年 32 巻 32301
    発行日: 2020年
    公開日: 2020/03/25
    ジャーナル フリー
    A novel inverter without the chopper for the field circuit was proposed for hybrid-excitation-type synchronous machines. In this inverter, a switch is connected between the neutral point of the armature windings of the machine and the field circuit. The field flux in the machine is increased when the switch is on, and is unchanged when off. By using a circuit simulator, we have clarified that two phase modulation can be used to the inverter when the switch is off.
  • Semin KANG, Takeshi OKUYAMA, Mami TANAKA, Ramousse FLORIAN, Coralie TH ...
    原稿種別: Letter
    2020 年 32 巻 32302
    発行日: 2020年
    公開日: 2020/07/21
    ジャーナル フリー
    In this study, we focus on the tactile illusion of stiffness feeling by surface roughness. Human factors on tactile illusion is analyzed from the viewpoint of the fingertip stiffness and finger motion. Specifically, five types of samples with different surface roughness are fabricated. Sensory evaluations for the stiffness feeling and the roughness feeling are conducted. Also, the fingertip stiffness and fingertip force when the panelists touch the samples are measured. As a result, it is confirmed that tactile illusion on stiffness due to surface roughness occurs to some panelists. And it is shown that the tactile illusion is less likely to occur in panelists with hard fingertips. Moreover, the panelists with tactile illusion are classified into two groups based on the relationship between the surface roughness and the stiffness feeling. And it is suggested that each group has characteristics in the relationship between the touch motion and fingertip stiffness.