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Volume 138 , Issue 1
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Special Issue on Technology 2018: Review of Fundamentals and Materials Research
Special Issue Review
  • Daisuke Sakai, Sayaka Kida, Kenji Harada, Hiroyuki Shibata
    2018 Volume 138 Issue 1 Pages 30-35
    Published: January 01, 2018
    Released: January 01, 2018

    We propose an educational tool for foundation of electricity using conductive pens. Electrical leads for an experiment were drawn on the ink-jet printing paper using silver ink marker. Electrical resistances were drawn by two kinds of pens; one was the same silver ink marker and the other was a carbon ink brush pen. A combined resistance was measured and compared with the calculated value. The relative error was less than ±1% in both series and parallel connection with the resistances drawn by the carbon ink brush. Therefore, this is useful to experience and learn the foundation of electricity.

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  • Kokoro Arinaga, Hideki Iwatsuki, Yasuyuki Kunii, Hiroshi Nonaka
    2018 Volume 138 Issue 1 Pages 36-41
    Published: January 01, 2018
    Released: January 01, 2018

    Deterioration of insulating paper for pole transformer has been examined by accelerated aging test to around 200°C. However, its deterioration behavior at higher temperature loading should be studied separately because of the different decomposition reactions. At temperature range between 300-400°C, the weight loss is significant and reached over 70% with increase of the carbon content, which could be functional as an indicator to estimate deterioration at high temperature. The insulation resistance was rather increased at 300°C and decreased over 400°C along with carbonization. On the other hands, the tensile strength was quickly weakened even with heating for 1, 5, 10 min at 300°C, suggesting that physical damage of the paper occurs much faster than the loss of the insulation property. The damaged paper would be easily teared, increase sludge in transformer, and be a potential reason for insulation breakdown.

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