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Volume 30 , Issue 2
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  • Reiko Hosomizu
    1992 Volume 30 Issue 2 Pages 1-17
    Published: 1992
    Released: December 06, 2018

    Purpose : Juvenile derinquents with the eating disorder were investigated to make clear their problems of life history and treatment in the institute.

    Method : The subjects of investigation were picked out the juvenile derin-quents in Kyoto medical traning school from 1986 to 1991.

    They were 7 females and 5 males with the eating disorder (DSM-III-R) .

    Simultaneously, classification of Baba was adopted for the psychotherapentic point of view. Throse diagnosises were made by a psychiatrist.

    Result : 1 A indicative of eating disorder were not exclusively limited to the middle class.

    2 More defensive attitudes were notable in the poorly grown up cases.

    Those who have been brought up by their own parents have resort to violentactions in the institution. The complication rate drug dependence was high.3 The cases of male eating disorder tended to take too much time to decide their diagnoses,and meanwhile the disorders becomes more serious and complicated. Hyphochnderiac subjects were also rude. The deviation of personality were more prominent in male cases than in female cases.

    4 Thoughtless emotional approach was rejected and treatment was failed. Rather life traying by “mechanical” application of rules was more effective.

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