The Japanese Journal of Criminal Psychology
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Volume 33 , Issue 2
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  • Junnichi Fukuda
    1995 Volume 33 Issue 2 Pages 1-15
    Published: 1995
    Released: December 06, 2018

    The purpose of this study is to analyze “FACE” responses among juvenile delinquents. The Rorschach test was administered to 200 juvenile delinquents in the Juvenile Classification Home. “Popular responses” are listed and the findings are as follows:

    1 “Popular responses” are the responses which are at least one of every 6 subjects responds with. There are 6 “FACE” responses in the all of 19 “Popular responses”. That is relatively high rate of appearence, and it shows that juvenile delinquents tend to respond with “FACE” responses.

    2 “FACE” responses totaled 13.7% of all responses(4313). 62 juvenile delinquents responded with more than 4 “FACE” responses and the faces often reflected strong emotions.

    3 Subjects who responded with more than 4 “FACE” responses are classified into 2 groups by analyzing other Rorschach variables.

    (a) Subjects who repeated “FACE” responses simply because the blots are symmetrical.

    (b) Subjects who projected their inner anxieties and agression onto the blots and whose personality mechanism seemed complicated.

    It concluded that “FACE” responses of juvenile delinquents reflected several aspects of puberty, and much information about “self” was obtained especially through the responses of subjects with strong projection.

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