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  • Satoru Okada, Yuki Yamada, Keita Iyori, Masaru Furuya
    2022 Volume 28 Issue 1 Pages 3-9
    Published: 2022
    Released on J-STAGE: March 12, 2022

    A 7-month-old cat presented with recurrent bleeding from the plantar region of the left hind limb. Histopathological examination of a punch biopsy sample suggested the lesion was a vascular malformation. After the punch biopsy, bleeding from the biopsy site did not stop; therefore, electrocautery was performed. Although the amount of bleeding decreased, it continued to recur. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography performed on the 30th day after the first visit revealed angiogenesis and vasodilation around the affected area. On the 37th day, the fourth and fifth fingers were amputated to relieve the bleeding. A diagnosis of dermal lymphatic malformation was made based on immunohistochemical examination of the amputated tissue. Histopathological margins were secured, but a gross examination performed 1 month after surgery revealed some small cysts on the skin surface, suggesting that complete resection may not have been achieved. Nevertheless, the bleeding stopped 20 months after the surgery, and the cat had no trouble in returning to daily living activities. We herein discuss the diagnosis and treatment of this rare case of dermal lymphatic malformation in a cat.

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