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Tecnological Reports
  • Satoshi NAGAYA, Yoshiyuki SASAKI, Yoichi OBINATA, Yoshinori NAGASU, Hi ...
    2019 Volume 70 Issue 12 Pages 614-617
    Published: December 01, 2019
    Released: December 04, 2019

    For specific evaluation of SnO2 as a binder for forming TiO2-containing thin films, we prepared TiO2 - SnO2 hybrid ultrathin films on glass plates by dip-coating into an aqueous SnO2 sol containing TiO2 particles and subsequent drying at 343 K. Immediately after preparation, the nanomer-sized crystals of the TiO2 and SnO2 were dispersed in the sol, which was a cloudy white suspension with no precipitate. Some particles gradually precipitated. The ultrathin hybrid films prepared from the sol dispersed the TiO2 particles in the hydrous SnO2 films. The hybrid film had adhesion that was too low to remain as a film on the glass plate during a rubbing test conducted with a cotton swab. Heat treatment at 773 K improved the low adhesion. The hybrid films exhibited high transmittance, super hydrophilicity, photocatalyst activity, and antistatic properties. The TiO2 and SnO2 particles, which were well dispersed in the sol, did not disturb the physical properties of other components in the hybrid film.

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