Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi
Online ISSN : 1883-2083
Print ISSN : 0021-5384
ISSN-L : 0021-5384
Volume 97 , Issue 1
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Theme: Chronic Viral Hepatitis; Progress of Diagnosis and Treatment
I. Current Status of Chronic Viral Hepatitis - World Trends and Problems in Our Country
II. Diagnosis and Follow Up
III. Anti-viral Therapy of Type B Chronic Hepatitis
IV. Anti-viral Therapy of Type C Chronic Hepatitis
V. Sustained Hepatitis Virus Infection and Development of Liver Cancer
VI. Current Status of Liver Transplantation and Problem with Hepatitis Virus Carriers
Discussion Meeting
Case Reports
The Cutting-edge of Medicine
The Articles Edited by the Fellows Association of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
Practice Guideline and Its Use
Report from Kinki Chapter Open Conference
Series; Let’s Think- Clinical Quiz (Question)
Internist in Primary Care Practice
Fostering of Specialists in Internal Medicine
Series; For Attending Physicians
Series; EBM
Series; Medical Care in the World
Series; Let’s Think- Clinical Quiz (Answer)
The Regional Meetings of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine