Nihon Naika Gakkai Zasshi
Online ISSN : 1883-2083
Print ISSN : 0021-5384
ISSN-L : 0021-5384
Volume 100 , Issue 12
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Theme: Diagnosis and Treatment of Pneumonia -Progress of the Guidelines for Treatment of Pneumonia in Japan.
I. Epidemiology of Pneumonia in Japan -Current Status and Future Considerations.
II. Progress of Guidelines for Pneumonia Treatment in Japan.
III. Progress and Current Status of the Diagnosis of Pneumonia.
IV. Progress and the Current Status of the Treatment of Pneumonia.
V. Current Status of the Recent Strategy for Pneumonia Prevention.
Discussion Meeting
Case Reports
The Cutting-edge of Medicine
The Articles Edited by the Fellows Association of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
Series, Knowledge of Emergency Required for Internist.
Series; Let’s Think- Clinical Quiz (Question).
Series: Clinical Study from Japan and its Reflections.
Series, For Attending Physicians; Professionalism.
Series: Diagnosis at a Glance.
Series; Let’s Think- Clinical Quiz (Answer).