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Volume 58 , Issue 1
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  • Yasuji TAMAKI
    2018 Volume 58 Issue 1 Pages 1-10
    Published: April 01, 2018
    Released: June 26, 2020

    This paper is prepared as the keynote speech of the 59th symposium on “Evaluation today of the set net fishery” held in 2017. With this symposium, we evaluate it with a many-sided aspect against set net fishery and are would like as to probe a future view.

    We arranged 5 reporters and 3 commentators therefore. Then we want to make a task obvious by debates with attendance persons.

    This paper makes the following task obvious, as symposium keynote speech. I make the present state of the set net fishery obvious by analysis of statistical data first. For the 2nd, I consider it about a merit and a weak point of the set net fishery.

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  • Tsutomu MATSUURA
    2018 Volume 58 Issue 1 Pages 11-19
    Published: April 01, 2018
    Released: June 26, 2020

    This thesis analyzed the factors that young men work in set net. A result of an investigation, primary factors that set net fishing is as follows:

    Conversion from season set net to anniversary set net has increased and can easily employ young person as set net fishermen. By the development of saving human labor-saving equipment, for example “catch hauler” release with heavy labor of lifting net operation and young person became to be able to easily work.

    In 2000s the fishery law alteration (detection of regarded corporation rule) and wide-area fishery cooperatives merge, the number of company organization has increased and the number of total management body has increased to join social insurance.

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  • Ikutaro SHIMIZU
    2018 Volume 58 Issue 1 Pages 20-29
    Published: April 01, 2018
    Released: June 26, 2020

    Almost Japanese domestic salmon have been harvested with set net fishery around coast of northern Japan. They have been processed flesh and salted filets by seafood industry. The conditions of fishing village activation by sixth industrialization of salmon set net fishery were resolved by case studies in Hokkaido and Tohoku district. Especially, some brand salmon such as matured salted salmon have been processed by sixth industrialization of fisheries cooperatives in eastern Hokkaido. Processing of sakebushi and sake-toba contributed the utilization of waste salmon resource after artificial fertilization in southern Hokkaido and Tohoku district. Their salmon seafood has strong demand for Japanese consumers. Sixth industrialization of domestic salmon was suggested to contribute the activation of fisheries cooperatives in fishing villages.

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  • Kenichi NADA
    2018 Volume 58 Issue 1 Pages 30-38
    Published: April 01, 2018
    Released: June 26, 2020

    I arranged 14 examples of fixed shore net fishery of the reform plan of a “profitable fishery system”. For a reform of profitability, the plan to have put emphasis on an increase of revenue from a cut of an expense is many. As directing it for an increase of a catch quantity and amount, it is a matter to increase a net number, an introduction of a reformation type net, getting longer an operation period is planned. On the other hand, as directing it for a cut of an expense, a personnel expense cut is planned with much.

    A matter is the following to be necessary for when I thought about a future image of a fixed shore net fishery.

    Operate with plural nets and boat.

    Countermeasure against disasters.

    Safe countermeasure for a boat.

    Reform work environment.

    A sanitary management improved.

    Make a resources management compatible with improving for fishing efficiency.

    Make an added value improve by high becoming freshness of fish.

    Diversify a sales method.

    Educate crews.

    Cooperate with an area.

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  • Osamu BABA
    2018 Volume 58 Issue 1 Pages 39-48
    Published: April 01, 2018
    Released: June 26, 2020

    This paper discusses the contribution to vitalization of fishing community by set net fishery. Set net fishing ground has been traditionally considered the common property of coastal fishing community. Then, it has been thought that the profit from set net fishing ground should belong to the coastal fishing community. With this understanding, set net has been operated by community people or fishery cooperative association and the profit from this set net has been delivered to community people. However, with the aging of fishers and scarcity of succesors, community based set net management has become to face difficulties. On behalf of community based set net management, set net management by private sector has come to the forefront which still contributes to coastal community.

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  • Hidenobu SAKAI
    2018 Volume 58 Issue 1 Pages 49-52
    Published: April 01, 2018
    Released: June 26, 2020

    Kadoshima set net fishery started fish processing named “Sakanakoubou Shun” as sixth industrialization in 2011. In 2012 we started “Shinkeijime”, then direct sales of fish were larger than they were. In 2016 we opened antenna shop in “Michinoeki Notosyokusaiichiba”. In 2017 we started set net fishery experience to tourists.

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