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Volume 45 , Issue 2
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  • Takeshi KUSUMI, Kazuyuki HORIUCHI, Michinari OKAMOTO
    1981 Volume 45 Issue 2 Pages 1-5
    Published: 1981
    Released: August 06, 2010
    The relationship between the subjective changes in tinnitus and recovery of the hearing loss was studied by applying SG (Stellate Ganglion) stimulation or SGB for the same patient. The results obtained are as follows.
    1. Subjective tinnitus either decreased or increased in many cases after SG stimulation and SGB.
    2. Application of SG stimulation or SGB for the same patient resulted in similar changes in many cases.
    3. Tinnitus associated with sudden deafness increased in many cases after SG stimulation or SGB.
    4. Tinnitus showed no change after SG stimulation or SGB in cases of fresh sudden deafness in which the hearing was not restored.
    5. SG stimulation and SGB are supposed to be contrary to each other in the effect on the sympathetic nerve, but the two showed similar effects so far as tinnitus is concerned.
    By effects SG stimulation and SGB therefore, one can estimate the individual difference, pathological phenomenon and the ability to response of the patients.
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  • Fujio ITO, Kiyoko FURUYA
    1981 Volume 45 Issue 2 Pages 6-17
    Published: 1981
    Released: August 06, 2010
    Biochemical and physiological effect of high voltage electric field was examined. Therapy by this method is considered to be a core technique in the field of rehabilitation and physical medicine.
    Healthtron HES-30 (designed by the Hakuji Institute of Biological Science) was used to the patients with adult diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, CVA, ischemic heart disease, obesity and gout, for 15 minutes in each treatment, 3 times a week.
    1. Immediately after the treatment blood pressure decreased on the average by 18.6mmHg among the patients with systolic blood pressure of 160mmHg or more. But an increase of 5.5mmHg was observed among the patients with systolic blood pressure of 100mmHg or less. The varities in systolic blood pressure among the patients were significantly different from these among normotensives, who demonstrated the decrease of 5.8mmHg.
    2. Percentage change in blood pressure, defined as the rate of the blood pressure reduced over the initial blood pressure, was positively correlated with the ren in ratio (r=0.8). The more related the blood pressure to sympathetic nerve, the more remarkable the percentage change.
    3. Three of six patients with mild pituitary hormone insufficiency demonstrated symptomatic improvements together with the normalization of endocrinological distrubance. The urine sample indicated an increase of 17-OHCS and 17-KS. The serum cortisol also showed the normal U-shaped response. Rapid ACTH test showed the normalization of the previous delayed response. Pituitary reserve test also suggested the reactivation of the pituitary function.
    4. Six (17%) of 35 patients with adult diseases showed the decreased TG level of 30mg/dl or more. Seven (27%) of 26 patients with high FFA level demonstrated the normal range. The improvement of the FFA level was observed in two of 4 patients with low FFA level due to hypofunction of the pituitary gland.
    5. Total cholesterol level was not significantly altered. Among 18 patients with adult disease and with the low value of HDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol level tended to increase
    6. Thse particular findings were believed to suggest that the high voltage electric field has an effect of normalizing the abnormal blood pressure, and that the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenal cortex were stimulated through the limbic system and reticular formation. Among the patients with adult disease, serum lipids seem to be affected in a favorable direction by this electric field.
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  • Hidehiko MURAYAMA, Kazuyo NEGISHI, Kohji SAKAMOTO
    1981 Volume 45 Issue 2 Pages 18-23
    Published: 1981
    Released: August 06, 2010
    Recently bathing with low concentration radon inhalations become popular in Japan.
    However, a few experimental studies have been done on the effect of the radon inhalations. In this study, effect of sublethal dose inhalations of radon on rats were examined. Sprague-Dawley male young rats were exposed to the radon in arerage concentration of 1.43μCi/l daily 6-7hrs for the successive 6-7 days.
    Immediately after the last inhalation the distribution of daughter nuclides of radon in various organs were determined. Specific activity of the lung, kidney, spleen liver, small intestine and testis were 41.4, 25.4, 3.47, 3.16, 9.30, and 1.36nCi/g tissue respectively.
    20hrs. after the inhalation white blood cell count, red blood cell count, hemoglobin content, serum cholesterol, triglyceride total protein, albumin, total bilirubin, glucose contents and enzyme activities of ALP, GOT, GPT and LDH were determined. Cholesterol content of the inhalation group was higher than that of the control group significantly (P<0.02). In other parameters, there were no significant difference between the inhalation and the control groups.
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    1981 Volume 45 Issue 2 Pages 24-25
    Published: 1981
    Released: August 06, 2010
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