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Volume 128 , Issue 2
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  • Takuya Maeda, Hiroo Hata, Teruki Yanagi, Keisuke Imafuku, Shinya Kitam ...
    2018 Volume 128 Issue 2 Pages 197-203
    Published: February 20, 2018
    Released: February 20, 2018

    We investigated the dermoscopic and clinical features of 47 cases of acral compound nevus and 16 cases of acral malignant melanoma.

    The cases were reviewed for several dermoscopic features: asymmetry, irregular border, parallel furrow pattern (PFP), parallel ridge pattern (PRP), lattice-like pattern (LLP), fibrillar pattern (FP), and blue-whiteish veil. The cases were also reviewed for several clinical features: sex, age, major axis, and tumor distribution.

    As dermoscopic features, PRP, irregular border and asymmetry, but not blue-whitish veil, were found to be more common in malignant melanoma and were useful for differentiating that disorder from compound nevus. As clinical features, female, young age, small lesion, and location on a non-weight-bearing surface were found to be useful for diagnosing compound nevus.

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