Bulletin of the Society of Sea Water Science, Japan
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Volume 39 , Issue 5
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  • Noboru OGATA
    1986 Volume 39 Issue 5 Pages 289-309
    Published: 1986
    Released: February 19, 2013
    The system model for a conceptional design and cost estimation was studied on a multi-layered fluidizing bed with a pump which used hydrous titanium oxide (HTO) and amidoxime resin (AOR) as adsorbents. The cost effect of some parameters, namely characteristics of adsorbent, operating conditions, price of materials and some others, were estimated, and finally there was shown a direction of improvement and a possibility of cost reduction. The conceptional design and operating condition were obtained from the balance point on expansion ratio, recovery and characteristics of adsorbent. A suitable plan was obtained from the minimum cost condition in some level of the expansion ratio and some parameters.
    HTO was heavy in density and cheap in price. The main results of the study indicated that the thickness of the bed was 1 m, the linear velocity of seawater was 52 m/hr, the number of bedlayers was 4, the construction cost of a 100 t/y plant was ¥10 billion, and the uranium cost was 160$/lb. AOR had a large adsorption capacity. As the main results, the thickness of bed was 0.08m, the linear velosity of seawater was 11.6m, the number of the bed layers was 27, the construction cost of a 100t/y plant was ¥15 billion, and the uranium cost was 280$/lb. The size of the 100t/y plant was about 800m length ×80m depth×30m height at 80% of recovery. An increase of adsorption capacity in HTO, and an increase of density and particle size in AOR had the greatest merit for cost reduction. Other effective parameters were the adsorption velocity, the recovery, temperature, the price of adsorbent, the manufacturing cost of instrument, and the rate of interest. The cost of uranium by this process had a possibility of cost reduction to 67$/lb at HTO and 79$/lb at AOR.
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  • Ritsuo OTA
    1986 Volume 39 Issue 5 Pages 310-319
    Published: 1986
    Released: February 19, 2013
    Salt content and water temperature have so far been used as the indicators of water masses for analysis of coastal conditions.From dissolved oxygen and nutrient salt content, Park expressed a basic idea of water mass analysis.
    The author made experiments to see if Park's equation could apply to the Ise Bay which was divided into 4 sections.As a results, the concentration of nutrient salts in each section seemedto be estimated to some extent from the relation with AOU.It also seemed to be possible to estimate the amount of internal production in the presence of microbes in the sea area from the linear equation between nutrients and AOU.
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  • Toshio HASHIMOTO
    1986 Volume 39 Issue 5 Pages 320-350
    Published: 1986
    Released: February 19, 2013
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