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Volume 72 , Issue 1
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Special Issue : “A Study of the Seawater of West Japan (7)”
Short Paper
  • Shoko NARUKE, Kunio FUJIWARA, Takanobu SUGO, Shigeko KAWAI-NOMA, Daisu ...
    2018 Volume 72 Issue 1 Pages 41-42
    Published: 2018
    Released: September 18, 2019
    In the presence of AgI crystals, three types of water, i.e., water, a 50 %v/v water/heavy water mixture, and heavy water, were cooled to -3.0 ℃ without stirring. Their order in terms of their freezing points was water<the mixture<heavy water. In the absence of AgI crystals, none of these three types of water was frozen under identical conditions; therefore, the presence of AgI crystals reduced supercooling. The observed difference between the freezing points of water and heavy water in the presence of AgI crystals was 4.0 ℃.
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