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Volume 32 , Issue 8
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  • II. Heritability and Genetic Correlation in F2 of Some Agronomic Characters in Rice Plant
    Masatoshi NEI, Katsumi SYAKUDO
    1957 Volume 32 Issue 8 Pages 235-241
    Published: 1957
    Released: May 21, 2007
    1. The interaction between population mean and sowing time was not statistically significant for any character. It was noted, however, that in view of the small number of populations employed it would be dangerous to make a decisive conclusion from this result.
    2. Some of the estimates of heritability and genetic correlation changed in value considerably with the change of sowing time. The degree of the change was more remarkable in genetic correlation than in heritability.
    3. Estimates of genetic advance based on the heritability estimates were considerably affected by sowing time. From this result it was inferred that the prediction of genetic advance made in one year might not always be realized in the next year.
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