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Volume 16 , Issue 1
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Case Report
  • Arata NAGAI, Shouji HAMAOKA, Kenji EBATA, Souichirou FUJIOKA, Tohru FU ...
    2007 Volume 16 Issue 1 Pages 7-10
    Published: 2007
    Released: February 07, 2008
    A 3.5-month old male Miniature Dachshund was brought to our hospital with hyposthenia and melena as chief complaints. Blood examination showed severe anemia with hypoproteinemia and leukocytosis. Various clinical examinations suggested presence of severe anemia and inflammation associated with hemorrhage from the digestive tract. Endoscopically, ulcerating lesions in the pyloric antrum was found and biopsy samples were taken. By exploratory laparotomy, the abdominal organs were examined and biopsy samples were taken. The gastric ulcerating lesion was excised surgically. Histopathologically, the lesion was diagnosed as chronic active gastritis with ulceration. The dog has been in a good condision since this surgical treatment.
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  • Daisuke TAKUMA, Masami TONOKURA, Nagisa KOBAYASHI, Masami SHIMADA, Ryo ...
    2007 Volume 16 Issue 1 Pages 11-14
    Published: 2007
    Released: February 07, 2008
    An 11-year-old spayed Shiba dog of mixed-breed was brought in with an one-year history of dyschezia. Surgically, a huge mass was found adhering to the urethra, ureter, and urinary bladder, and was removed successfully. The mass was pathologically diagnosed as a leiomyoma originating from the rectum. The dog had acute postoperative renal failure caused by temporary dysuria, but became able to urinate unaided soon. In spite of having difficulty in defecation, the dog has survived with antibiotics and a low fat diet.
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Short Report
  • Takehiro UNO, Makiko KATAGIRI, Jun NAKANISHI, Akiko IMANISHI, Keiichi ...
    2007 Volume 16 Issue 1 Pages 15-20
    Published: 2007
    Released: February 07, 2008
    We report five dogs with jaundice that were treated by cholecystectomy. Four of them, Cases 1 to 4, were suspected of having a gallbladder mucocele (GM) by ultrasonography before the surgery. The other dog, Case 5, was found to have a ruptured GM during the surgery; the position of the gallbladder had not been located by preoperative ultrasonography. In all dogs except Case 3, necrosis with or without necrotic perforation was seen at the gallbladder wall or neck. The younger dogs, Case 4 and Case 5 survived, but the other three over 12 years died after surgery. There was no correlation between their prognoses and the abnormal values of alkaline phosphatase, total bilirubin, or icterus index levels measured at the first visit. These results suggested that surgical intervention should be done immediately after characteristic images of GM are recognized on ultrasonography.
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