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Volume 18 , Issue 1
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Case Report
  • Katsura NODA, Terumasa SHIMADA, Takashi OGAWA, Norikazu ITOH, Fumihito ...
    2009 Volume 18 Issue 1 Pages 1-5
    Published: March 20, 2009
    Released: March 16, 2010
    In this report, a canine carcinoma was so far successfully treated by CUL treatment, an injection of suspention of an anti-cancer drug and contrast medium directly into the tumor. A nine-year-old spayed female golden retriever was brought to us with the main complaint of a mass in the oral cavity. The cytodiagnosis of the tumor was a squamous cell carcinoma. After palliative surgical resection of the mass, the dog was treated with intratumoral administration of cisplatin. The release of cisplatin was slowed by mixing it with poppyseed oil ethylesteres iodide (CUL treatment). After the CUL treatment was started, there was little growth of the tumor and no systemic side effects. A good QOL was maintained for 24 months after discovery of the mass. This case demonstrated that CUL treatment is a useful option for inhibitation of the growth of an oral squamous cell carcinoma and preservation of the patient dog's QOL.
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  • Shinya WATARI, Mutsumi KAWATA, Gen TAKAHASHI, Hirosei SAKOYA, Yukiko Y ...
    2009 Volume 18 Issue 1 Pages 7-10
    Published: March 20, 2009
    Released: March 16, 2010
    Twenty dogs (24 cases) with cruciate ligament rupture received tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO), and were evaluated retrospectively. The technique was devised by Slocum in 1993, and is now widely used in Europe and the United States, but seldom in Japan. Data for time to peak function, the procedure of TPLO (unilateral or simultaneous bilateral), preoperative and postoperative tibial plateau angle (TPA) and the severity of cranial cruciate or meniscus injuries were compared for significant differences using regression and Kruskal-Wallis analysis. Simultaneous bilateral TPLO was significantly correlated to delayed recovery of the function of the limbs. Six months after surgery, 23 cases out of 24 showed excellent results, and the remaining case was also fairly good.
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  • Satoshi TAKAGI, Takafumi SUNAGA, Kayoko YAMADA, Yoshinori AOKI, Tomohi ...
    2009 Volume 18 Issue 1 Pages 11-15
    Published: March 20, 2009
    Released: March 16, 2010
    A 2-year-old miniature pinscher with repeated vomiting and dyspnea was referred to our hospital for the surgical treatment of chronic diaphragmatic hernia, which had been diagnosed 8 months before. Severe adhesion of the middle lobe of the right lung to the thoracic wall and ileum was revealed by an abdominal midline incision and also a median sternotomy. The hernia was corrected by a partial pneumonectomy, but such clinical signs as continuous pleural effusion, hypoproteinemia, and anemia caused by disorder of liver function lasted for one month. Controversial as surgical correction of chronic diaphragmatic hernia is, earlier surgery can surely avoid life threatening complications that will probably occur if untreated for a long time.
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