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Volume 76 , Issue 8
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  • Hiromu Monai
    Type: Interdisciplinary
    2021 Volume 76 Issue 8 Pages 492-497
    Published: August 05, 2021
    Released: August 05, 2021

    The brain has been interpreted as an assembly of neural networks and the main target of neurophysiology has been synaptic interaction in the neural network. The other components of the brain such as blood vessels and glial networks, however, play an essential role in the logistics in the brain. Furthermore, the extracellular space in the brain is the main pathway of the dynamic fluid which plays an important role in the ion homeostasis and clearance of the metabolic waste and provides a microenvironment of the volume transmission of neuromodulators and electric fields produced by the surrounding neurons. It is necessary to understand the comprehensive communications in the brain including“non-synaptic interactions”between the neural networks and the other components to understand the higher-order function of the brain. Here we focus on the extracellular space and microenvironment to provide the new insight of the neuroscience for neurophysiology and biophysics of living brain tissue.

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