Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B
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Print ISSN : 0386-2208
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Volume 92, Issue 6
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  • Takanori NAKANO
    2016 Volume 92 Issue 6 Pages 167-184
    Published: June 10, 2016
    Released on J-STAGE: June 10, 2016
    The ratios of stable isotopes of certain elements in rocks and minerals have strong regional characteristics that are reflected in atmospheric components, in water, and in the living organisms that form Earth’s surface environment as well as in agricultural and fishery products. Geologically derived stable isotope ratios can be used as a tracer for the source of many kinds of substances, with current geochemical techniques allowing the precise determination of numerous stable isotope ratios in both natural and manmade objects. This review presents examples of the use of stable isotopes as tracers within diverse dynamic ecosystems, focusing on Sr isotopes but also including examples of Nd and Pb isotopic analysis, and reviewing the potential of this technique for a wide range of environmental research, including determining the geographic origin of food and archeological materials.