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Volume 18 , Issue 2
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    1951 Volume 18 Issue 2 Pages 21-26,A5
    Published: 1951
    Released: November 19, 2010
    By means of phenyl-thio-carbamide in the form of dried crystal, the author examined 314 adult Japanese, 266 men and 48 women. The result showed there were,
    Among men 39 non-tasters or 14.66 per cent.
    225 bitter tasters or 84.59 per cent.
    2 abnormal tasters or 0.75 per cent.
    Among women 7 non-tasters or 14.58 per cent.
    40 bitter tasters or 83.33 per cent.
    1 abnormal taster or 2.08 per cent.
    Both sexes combined 46 non-tasters or 14.65 per cent.
    265 bitter tasters or 84.39 per cent.
    3 abnormal tasters or 0.95 per cent.
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    1951 Volume 18 Issue 2 Pages 27-37,A5
    Published: 1951
    Released: November 19, 2010
    The author made a biometrical survey on physique in various aspects: height, weight and span of arms etc. of healthy Koreans in various age groups from the new-born to the old age, 7132 males and 5030 females totaling 12, 162. The results are shown in separate tables. (Tables 1-4).
    1. The Korean's specific feature in growth of height is found as follows.
    a) The height in age 4-5 is twice as great as in new-horns. This agrees with the data on foreign children.
    b) In age group 11-16, viz, in puberty, the growth of height is the same with that of the Europeans.
    c) In age group 15-16, the height is about thrice as in new-borns.
    d). Generally, the height of Koreans is somewhat larger than that of the Japanese, and smaller than that of the Europeans (German).
    2. Generally, the weight as well as the height have a tendency of increase of recent years.
    a) Generally, the Koreans have heavier weight, are taller than the Japanese, but slightly smaller than the Europeans.
    3. Generally, the Rohrer's index in youth is larger, in male than in female, but this difference gradually decreases with age and above 13 the index inl, male becomes smaller than in female.
    4. The span of arms is slightly smaller than the height with the difference in sex and age.
    5. The average span of arms of Koreans is slightly larger than the cbrresponding measure of Japanese, but smaller than that of Europeans.
    6. The span of arms of Europeans is larger than their height, but in Koreans the span is smaller than their height.
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    1951 Volume 18 Issue 2 Pages 38-41,A6
    Published: 1951
    Released: November 19, 2010
    Three physical items: height, Weight and the girth of the upper right arm, were measured in pupils of a junior high school in Kure City. Comparison was made between these three measurements. Also the change with age and difference due to sex were considered.
    The result were as follows:
    1) Naturally, these three measurements increase with age, but each mean of measure. ments for girls is superior to that for boys in every age group. As for the increment of each measurement with age, the girth of the upper right arm is the least marked. This is regarded due to the increase of the girth of the right arm being more influenced by the develdpment of subcutaneous fat and muscles than by the diameter of the humerus.
    2) Correlations among these measurements, especially that between height and weight and that between weight and girth of upper right arm are considered to be high.
    3) From the calculation of coefficients of partial correlation, it was proved that the girth of the upper right arm has more intimate relation with weight than with height.
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  • Yoshinori HIBINO
    1951 Volume 18 Issue 2 Pages 42-44,A7
    Published: 1951
    Released: November 19, 2010
    The physique of the youth in the City of Seto is generally inferior to the standard, and inclines to narrow and thin-chested type. The ceramics, which is the main industry of the city, seems to have an influence on the incidence of tuberculosis among Seto yoUth. The insufficient Chest develOmpentit is regarded due to these Oirdurnstarices.
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  • 1951 Volume 18 Issue 2 Pages e1
    Published: 1951
    Released: November 19, 2010
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