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Volume 78 , Issue 5
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  • Yasuko KOJA, Takao YOKOTA, Takehiko TOYOSATO, Yoshiko OZASA, Yuko TOYA ...
    2012 Volume 78 Issue 5 Pages 109-119
    Published: 2012
    Released: November 09, 2012
    This study investigated deaths and feelings about funeral rites among residents of Okinawa's Aguni Island, which has no crematory. We collected information regarding the deceased from the village office, and conducted interviews about funeral rites with residents aged 20 or older.
    In total, 284 residents died between 1986 and 2006, 30% of whom died on the Island and 70% off the Island. The most common causes of death were heart disease for men and old age for women who died on the Island, and malignant neoplasm for who died off the Island. Most who died on the Island were buried, whereas majority of the deceased off the Island were cremated. Based on the analysis of 202 respondents, 54.1% of men and 26.1% of women in their 20s to 40s had experience with bone cleaning, while over 80% of those aged 50 or older had such experience. Ninety percentage of those in their 70s or older wished to be kept or to die on the Island, and 30% of them wished to be buried after death.
    Local community efforts and involvement of a nursing home helped maintain the traditional funeral rites on the Island. In contrast, off-islanders are adapting to changing funeral rites.
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