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Volume 39 , Issue 3
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  • Michitoshi NOHARA
    1973 Volume 39 Issue 3 Pages 33-53
    Published: 1973
    Released: February 25, 2011
    Anemia in the inhabitants of the agricultural districts involves more serious problems in females than in males. Having established mass anemia screening method, the author made mass anemia screening in two districts in Chiba Prefecture and two districts in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan, to elucidate the current status of anemia in women in the agricultural district. The results were as follows:1. In the collective anemia screening, the laboratory tests of the hemoglobin level, hema-tocrit value, specific gravity of blood and serum protein level sufficed. The determination of the hemoglobin level proved of particular importance.2. The hemoglobin levels lower than 12.Og/dl could be employed as one of the criteria for diagnosing anemia in housewives. It was found necessary to further examine the currently employed criteria for other laboratory test items (namely, hematocrit value, specific gravity of blood and serum iron) . The results obtained by the author indicated that the serum iron of less than 7Oμg/dl would be more adequate as a criterion for dia-gnosing anemia.3. The screening was made on about 600 housewives in the said agricultural districts, and the mean values of the laboratory tests performed were as follows: hemoglobin, 13.36± 1.47g/dl; specific gravity of blood, 1.0543±0.0031; hematocrit, 41.58±3.87%; serum iron, 94.48±35.85mg/dl; serum protein, 7.50±0.49g/dl.4. The incidence of the hemoglobin levels less than 12.Og/dl varied from district to district, but remained in the range from 11.4 to 25.2%.5. In the Ikawa district of Shizuoka City, anemia screening was made once a year, every year, for four years. The results revealed that the incidence of anemia in males was very low, and that it was in housewives that anemia would cause problems in the agricultural district. Analysis of the findings in the housewives in the said district elucidated that the incidence of anemia in them was related to their income or the intakes of nutrients.6. The tests of the serum iron and the iron-binding capacity of serum led to a conclusion that it was iron deficiency anemia that was found in the housewives.7. It was disclosed that the causes of iron deficiency anemia in the housewives were closely related to overworks and poor nutrition, but often associated with diseases such as anacidity and genital bleeding.8. It was further found that it would be possible to solve this problem of anemia in housewives in the agricultural district in Japan, by first discovering anemic housewives, and then giving them guidance from the standpoint of public health and approaching them from the medical standpoint. Problem for prevention of the anemia, it is, however, necessary to always give due consideration to the regional social and economic conditions .
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  • (Report 1) In the Case of the Recovery Made by a Patient on Whom A Health-Recovery-And-Promoting Method of Eating "Perfect Raw Vegetable Food", Taking Cold-and-Hot Bath taken One Minute Alternately, E
    Mitsuo KOUDA, Yasuo IIBUCHI, Hiroshi MARUYAMA
    1973 Volume 39 Issue 3 Pages 54-62
    Published: 1973
    Released: October 21, 2011
    Beginning on April 15, 1973, at the Yao-Kenko-Kaikan (Director, Mitsuo Kouda) in Yao City, Osaka, at the wish of a myasthenia gravis patient, we applied to him the health-recovery- and-promoting method of eating ?gperfect raw vegetable food?h, taking cold-and-hot bath taken one minute alternately, a special kind of physical excercise, etc., and could ob tain a strikingly good result. About two weeks later the patient started practising the method, ocular symptoms such as blepharoptosis and double vision symptoms, bulbar symptoms such as the weakening of digestive power, and generalized symptoms such as the stiffness of the neck and shoulders and the feeling of general fatigue took a turn for the better daily, and in 40 days all the symptoms peculiar to mysthenia gravis disappeared. He kept taking ?g"perfect raw vegetable food?h for 75 days, and then he returned to nor mal sidedishes with unpolished rice as the staple food. He continued taking cold-and-hot bath taken one minute alternately, a special kind of physical exercise, etc., He is now engaged in his former job. As of August 30, 1973, he enjoys good health and has no symptoms peculiar to myasthenia gravis.
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  • Mana TAKAO, Michitoshi NOHARA
    1973 Volume 39 Issue 3 Pages 63-68
    Published: 1973
    Released: February 25, 2011
    We have made a survey on anemia in Ikawa (Shizuoka prefecture) since 1968, and in vestigate hemogrobin contents, specific gravities of whole blood, hematocrit values, the va lues of erythrocyte counts, serum iron, and serum protein values in 294 male and 397 female. As the result of this survey, the mean values of the blood are f alled graduary in male. The mean values of the blood at the age of 2O-29, 3039 is highest and 40.49 is lowest in female.
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