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Volume 61 , Issue 3
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  • Natsuko I. KOBAYASHI, Keitaro TANOI, Satomi KANNO, Tomoko M. NAKANISHI
    2012 Volume 61 Issue 3 Pages 121-128
    Published: 2012
    Released: March 27, 2012
    55Fe movement in plant root was analyzed by applying the real-time imaging system (VIM-micro) developed for conventional β-ray emitters coupled with the fluorescent microscope. The sensitivity of VIM-micro to the 55Fe detection was apparently higher than that of the imaging plate. Only 2 minutes of integration time allowed the clear visualization of 55Fe distribution in the root. Ten kBq/μL of 55Fe was applied to the bottom part of the root of Arabidopsis and a rice plant. Then, 60 images of the root were taken over 2 hours. In both plants, 55Fe was preferentially accumulated in the root tip area. The inactivated root, which was pre-treated either with the metabolic inhibitor or with boiling, was also prepared to evaluate the contribution of the biological activity on the 55Fe accumulation. The result indicates that the intensive accumulation of 55Fe in the root tip area of the active normal root after 30 minutes is the consequence of the biological activity. Thus, it is suggested that Fe is actively transported to the root tip area, which is the important sink tissue.
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  • Kazutaka YAMADA, Toshiro YAMAGUCHI, Kaita SAWANO, Miori KISHIMOTO, Kaz ...
    2012 Volume 61 Issue 3 Pages 129-132
    Published: 2012
    Released: March 27, 2012
    A mixed breed pig that was raised at a farm within 20km of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on the day of the accident was moved to a clean area 17days after the accident, slaughtered and sampled 41days after arriving at the clean area. The γ-ray spectrum of belly, ham, loin, and heart were measured using a Ge semiconductor detector. Even though the animal had been kept in a clean area for 41days, contamination with radioisotopic caesium was detected in pork. The pig had been kept inside a piggery and had been fed non-contaminated imported feed in both Fukushima and clean area of its all life. Broadcasts reported that feeding rice straw poses a risk of radioactive contamination of beef in Japan, but rice straw might not be the sole source of contamination. For the safety of future generations, it is necessary to monitor not only beef but also other animal products for food safety.
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Review Article
Application of Stable Isotopes in Life Sciences
Serial Lecture
Current Perspectives of Radiation Therapy
  • Jun ITAMI
    2012 Volume 61 Issue 3 Pages 153-159
    Published: 2012
    Released: March 27, 2012
    Although brachytherapy is an invasive modality, it can reduce the difference between the clinical and planning target volumes and obtain very concentrated dose distribution onto the tumor by the inverse square low of distance and dose. Brachytherapy is the supreme of high precision radiation therapy. Image-guided therapy is being implemented in high-dose rate brachytherapy, and the newly introduced radionuclides, such as 125I have opened now indications in brachytherapy.
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