IEICE Electronics Express
Online ISSN : 1349-2543
ISSN-L : 1349-2543
Volume 3, Issue 16
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  • Tsuyoshi Funaki, Shuntaro Matsuzaki, Tsunenobu Kimoto, Takashi Hikihar ...
    2006 Volume 3 Issue 16 Pages 379-384
    Published: 2006
    Released on J-STAGE: August 25, 2006
    This paper investigates the punch-through phenomenon in SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) from capacitance-voltage (C-V) characteristics at high reverse bias voltage. High voltage bias application has not been possible by conventional measurement instrumentation. The authors, therefore, develop C-V characteristics measurement instrumentation which enables the application of high dc bias voltages on SiC-SBD up to the rated reverse blocking voltage. The measurement is then validated through the comparison of results from different measurement methods. The proposed methods clearly reveal the punch-through phenomenon of measured SiC-SBD, and enable the extraction of pertinent parameters for device modeling.
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  • Takashi Ohira, Kiyomichi Araki
    2006 Volume 3 Issue 16 Pages 385-389
    Published: 2006
    Released on J-STAGE: August 25, 2006
    The complex power theory is applied to characterize a passive linear circuit as the resonating load of an oscillator. Thanks to Tellegen's theorem relating the port impedance and internal status, the Q factor for use in Leeson's spectrum model is derived in regard to the behavior of the stored energy. The concept of complex Q factor is introduced in terms of the power dissipation slope and the energy difference between inductive and capacitive groups of components. As their relationship results in mathematical complication, it is visualized in Pythagorean charts for ease of phenomenological comprehension.
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